Normally at the end year, I list the five blog posts that got the most hits during the year. It turns out that this list does not change a lot from year to year.

For completeness and consistency, these are the top five posts for 2017, in rank order:

Choose Your 2m Frequency Wisely , Getting Started on 2m SSB , Can I Use My Ham Radio on Public Safety Frequencies? , DMR Hotspot from SharkRF and Introducing the Android HT

What I’m doing different this year is to list the five posts that I think readers should read but haven’t made the most hit list. This is based on my personal opinion but what the heck. You’ll see a theme of trying to make sense of how amateur radio fits into our modern world.

We’ve Got Some Explaining to Do

Amateur Radio is Not for Talking

That’s Not Real Ham Radio

Is the Internet Destroying Amateur Radio?

Amateur Radio: Narrowband Communications in a Broadband World

Here is a sixth bonus article…very interesting story about Prisoners of War building radios in World War II.

POW Canteen Radio

73 and Happy New Year!

Bob K0NR