The One Frequency You Should Never Use on Field Day

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At the local radio club meeting, I encouraged everyone to get on the air during Field Day, which led to this conversation:

New Tech: I just have a 2 meter fm radio. Can I still make Field Day contacts?

Me: Sure, VHF contacts are encouraged during Field Day.

New Tech: So I just call on 146.52 MHz and see who’s out there?

Me: Well, no, the 2m fm calling frequency is not allowed for Field Day.

New Tech: Really? We can’t use any of the calling frequencies we learned during our license class?

Me: Well, no, all of the other standard calling frequencies are fine, just 146.52 MHz is prohibited.

New Tech: That seems really dumb.

Me: No comment.

Complete Field Day information is here :

73, Bob K0NR

Oct 25, 2015 Update: The ARRL changed the rules to address this issue. See Use of 146.52 MHz FM Simplex Frequency Cleared for ARRL Contests

6 thoughts on “The One Frequency You Should Never Use on Field Day

  1. One note: 146.52 is NOT the calling frequency. It is the “National Simplex Frequency”. It is the place to get on and chat on simplex. The 2 meter calling frequency is 144.200.
    And, it is stupid for ARRL to have banned .52 for FD. It happened when they rewrote all the contest rules and moved FD into the general contest rules about 20 years ago. Before that, .52 was a great party line of FD groups working each other, chatting, and having a good time.

  2. Really? I had no idea that 145.52 wasn’t allowed on Field Day. I’ve heard new hams calling on 146.52 on FD. I think that should be changed.

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  4. ACTUALLY, you can call anybody you want on 146.52 on Field Day. You just can’t exchange FD info. THEN it becomes just a FD contact that’s taboo

    Then too, I COULD BE WRONG….. 🙂