Amateur Radio VHF/UHF Articles
Here are some articles that I have written to explain and encourage activity above 50 MHz.
Getting Started on 2M SSB  Learn how to get started operating Single Sideband on 2 Meters 
How to Work A VHF Contest Learn how to make a contact in a VHF contest
Choose Your 2m Frequency Wisely  An explanation of the 2m band plan (Colorado emphasis)
So You Want to Be a Rover Learn how to get started in rover operating in VHF contests
Colorado VHF grid locators  A map of Colorado showing the VHF grid locators
FM VHF Operating Guide gives tips on how to use the VHF and UHF bands for repeater and simplex operation
D-STAR: Digital Voice for VHF/UHF CQ VHF Magazine article on D-STAR
TRBO Hits the Amateur Bands CQ VHF Magazine article on DMR

KØNR Operating Information
Medical mission to Honduras with the International Health Service (amateur radio in support of a medical mission)
The story of the KBØCY/C6A trip to The Bahamas.
Some information and photos on my portable VHF contest efforts

Rescue on Uncompahgre Peak
I wrote this story back in 1992 about an experience in the Colorado mountains that involved amateur radio and a medical emergency. Click here to get the file.

Recent Presentations
Practical Amateur Radio Measurements – Hamcon Colorado 2013
Mountaintop VHF in the Colorado High Country – Hamcon Colorado 2013
Mountaintop VHF in the Colorado High Country – July 2014
Mountaintop VHF for Summits On The Air – Central States VHF Society 2015
Summits On The Air -Colorado Style – Hamcon Colorado 2016