This Spewed Out of the Internet #34

0511-0701-3118-0930Here’s some more wonderful stuff flowing from the internet.

The FCC slams police radio jammer with a $400k fine. Yay, FCC.

Gary KN4AQ ( explains that YOU SHOULD NOT CALL CQ ON A REPEATER. Or something like that.

Remember, if Summits On The Air is taking over your life, SOTANA May Be Right For You. Ask your doctor before taking any medication.

Here’s a fun video from Keysight Technologies that explains electrical current. What is Electric Current?

Check out the Yaesu FT-65 product review on

If you are using DMR, take a look at this list of DMR talkgroups on the Utah DMR web site.

I wrote a Shack Talk article about radio frequency nomenclature: HF/VHF/UHF…stuff like that. What the Heck is UHF Anyway?

The Dayton/Xenia Hamvention is coming up next weekend. There’s some good info available on the Hamvention web site.

Field Day is coming up June 24-25, see the full information here.  Get your Field Day supplies from the ARRL here. Check out the professional Field Day promotional video from the ARRL. Nice job, ARRL HQ!

One Reply to “This Spewed Out of the Internet #34”

  1. Being pedantic spoils fun. This is only a hobby, but a damn good one!

    I have also heard that some do not want any use of Qxx codes used on the air.
    I suspect that these codes are not appreciated by some …. that is certainly OK to have their opinion, but ‘rubbishing others’ for using Qxx codes denies their freedom and the joy of that/their understanding of the hobby. Imposing one’s EGO on another is only ‘power play’.

    When newcomers come on air, they do have to spend a bit of time listening and looking … there are some good habits that have been around — and worth appreciating.
    Opinions are always worth listening to …

    I started up with a WN8 call 63 yrs ago, and for a year 9 student this was the TOP of fun. CW on a 6L6 transmitter and all the goodies that we all learned are still a treasure that I continue to thrive on…. here, the EME door is opening…!