LIDSThe rumors have been circulating for some time now, that something terrible has happened to the Lost Island DX Society (LIDS). The Fi-Ni report was last heard from on Sept 18th of last year, reporting on the 3rd Annual Talk Like a Pirate Contest. Previous to that, their comprehensive Field Day report was a bit confused, openly questioning whether Field Day is actually a contest. This has fueled speculation that the LIDS are suffering from some type of psychological breakdown. Others have suggested that this group is perpetually confused and no inference can be drawn from strange behavior.

A reliable source has reported that the LIDS team was actively working on a DXpedition to New Mexico. These plans were alledgedly scrapped after a well-known Big Gun DXer told them that New Mexico is actually part of the United States and is not a separate DXCC entity. This same source has suggested that the LIDS have gone into hiding and plan to resurface just in time for a surprise multi-multi-multi-25-radio entry in the 2013 Poisson d’Avril Contest. However, most radio hams close to the LIDS believe that the team got lost on the way to New Mexico and died of heat exhaustion in the Chihuahuan Desert.

Anyone that has any information on the status of LIDS or that might have heard them on the ham bands, is encouraged to contact this blog as soon as possible. We all hope and pray for their quick, safe return.

73, Bob K0NR