FCC Proposes Part 97 Changes

The FCC finally got around to addressing a number of issues via a NOTICE OF PROPOSED RULE MAKING AND ORDER. This proposal is an odd mix of Volunteer Examiner (VE) rules, changing the license renewal grace period and dealing with a problem with emission designators.

This notice proposes changes to Part 97 of the FCC Rules and seeks comment on these proposals:

  • Require that VEs give examination credit to an applicant who can demonstrate that he or she formerly held a particular class of license
  • Provide that a CSCE provides element credit for the holder’s lifetime
  • Reduce the grace period for renewal of an expired license to six months
  • Reduce the time before a call sign becomes available for reassignment to six months (to match the grace period)
  • Reduce the number of VEs required to administer an examination from three to two
  • Allow remote observation of examination sessions by VEs (allow exams to be given via an audio and video system)
  • Clean up some issues in the rules concerning Morse code testing (which has been eliminated)
  • Allow emission types FXE and FXD to clear up issues concerning MOTOTRBO and DMR (see my previous post on this topic)

Comments on theses items must be filed with the FCC within 60 days.

73, Bob K0NR

One thought on “FCC Proposes Part 97 Changes

  1. I think that testing of applicants is at the minimum of supervision with 3 VE’s.
    I don’t think remote testing is a good idea except for a applicant that is impaired to the point that makes travel impossible. Please don’t let the Ham Bands become another CB type of communication.