This Spewed Out of the Internet #14

Happy Easter!

A few posts back, I wrote about podcasts worth listening to. I want to draw your attention to two additional ham radio podcasts:

  • Teen Radio Journey by Paul KC9QYB, available on iTunes or at This podcast is intended for teenagers, so I am definitely outside of that target audience. I mention it here because anything that involves youth in amateur radio is a good thing.

I just stumbled onto the radio contesting site It has probably been there for decades and I am late to the party. It is worth checking out if you are into contesting.

I went through the entire day without thinking about buying an iPad. To quote Joey from Friends, “its all a moo point.” Even if you do want an iPad, why would you buy the first implementation, given Apple’s track record? There will be a better one coming along soon enough. Take a look at the Fake Steve Jobs blog.

The high-powered think tank at the Fi-Ni Report has published some brilliant work:

  • The investigative team has uncovered yet another scandal in the radio sport world, this time relating to the Poisson d’Avril Contest
  • AM (Ancient Modulation) is getting a strong endorsement from the CQWW Contest, pushing aside that sissy SSB modulation

73, Bob K0NR