Amateur Radio Tech Class

Ham Radio Two-Day License Class

Monument, Colorado

Saturday Jan 30 and Saturday Feb 6 (8 AM to 5 PM)

Tri-Lakes Monument Fire Station 1

Sponsored by the Tri-Lakes Monument Fire Radio Association

The Technician license is your gateway to the world-wide excitement of Amateur Radio …

  • Earn your ham radio Technician class radio privileges
  • Pass your FCC amateur radio license exam right in class on the second day
  • Multiple-choice exam, No Morse Code Required
  • Live equipment demonstrations
  • Learn to operate on the ham bands, 10 Meters and higher
  • Learn to use the many VHF/UHF FM repeaters in Colorado
  • Find out how to participate in emergency communications

There is no cost for the class

However, students must have the required study guide:
Gordon West Technician Class guide $18.95
And pay the FCC Exam Fee: $15.00

Advance registration is required (no later than Jan 25th).

To register for the class, contact: Bob Witte KØNR

For more information on amateur (ham) radio visit

Update: As of Jan 6th, the class is full. We have had a surprising number of people interested in this class. We are keeping a waiting list and we are likely to offer another class later in the year.

This One Goes to 11

Here is a funny comic that I came across recently (thanks Kelly AB9RF):

“Spinal Tap” is a reference back to the classic Rob Reiner film This is Spinal Tap, where Nigel explains the value of an amplifier gain control that goes all the way to eleven.

For more fine, sophisticated Spinal Tap culture, see the fan web site or the official Spinal Tap site.

73, Bob