Amateur Radio Tech Class

Ham Radio Two-Day License Class

Monument, Colorado

Saturday Jan 30 and Saturday Feb 6 (8 AM to 5 PM)

Tri-Lakes Monument Fire Station 1

Sponsored by the Tri-Lakes Monument Fire Radio Association

The Technician license is your gateway to the world-wide excitement of Amateur Radio …

  • Earn your ham radio Technician class radio privileges
  • Pass your FCC amateur radio license exam right in class on the second day
  • Multiple-choice exam, No Morse Code Required
  • Live equipment demonstrations
  • Learn to operate on the ham bands, 10 Meters and higher
  • Learn to use the many VHF/UHF FM repeaters in Colorado
  • Find out how to participate in emergency communications

There is no cost for the class

However, students must have the required study guide:
Gordon West Technician Class guide $18.95
And pay the FCC Exam Fee: $15.00

Advance registration is required (no later than Jan 25th).

To register for the class, contact: Bob Witte KØNR

For more information on amateur (ham) radio visit

Update: As of Jan 6th, the class is full. We have had a surprising number of people interested in this class. We are keeping a waiting list and we are likely to offer another class later in the year.