EmComm Trouble From the FCC

fcc-1There has been quite a ruckus about the FCC and Part 97.113 concerning emergency communications but I have been taking a wait and see attitude about it.  These FCC Rules say:  No amateur station shall transmit communications in which the station licensee or control operator has a pecuniary interest, including communications on behalf of an employer.

The question on the table is whether this prohibition strictly applies to employees of a public safety organization. For example, is it a violation of the rules for a firefighter or hospital employee to use ham radio as part of a emergency communications practice exercise? Apparently, the answer is yes.

Read this posting on the N5FDL Blog for more details, including some correspondence with the FCC. The ARRL offered this explanation in the September issue of QST. This article reports that W0WLS is withdrawing from ham radio emcomm work after getting a letter from the FCC’s Laura Smith.

The K3NG Report says that The FCC is Throwing the Baby Out With the Bathwater.  I agree.

If you are involved with emergency communciations, you should make sure you understand this latest development.

   73, Bob K0NR

D-STAR Presentation at MARC

dstarThe interest in D-STAR continues to grow in Colorado. I have responded to a request to talk about D-STAR at the Mountain Amateur Radio Club (MARC) meeting on Wednesday night. It will be a basic introduction to the mode/technology along with a demo of D-RATS. I don’t think I am an expert on the topic so I asked Elliot KB0RFC to assist. Between the two of us, we have enough experience with D-STAR to handle the topic well.

The MARC club is a fun group, so stop by if you get a chance!

Bob Witte (KØNR) and Elliot Linke (KBØRFC) will be presenting a program and demonstrating the basics of D-Star, the new amateur radio digital mode that can be used for both voice and data, at our MARC Meeting at 7 pm this Wednesday, Sept. 16th, at the Woodland Park Library. I hope you will make plans to attend!

See you then!!!

73 Wes KØHBZ

Mountains, Radios and the Goats

Steve (WG0AT) has done it again with a great video of the Colorado 14er Event. Take a look at the saga of two guys and two goats scrambling their way to the top of Mount Humboldt (with the exclusive GoatCam technology). This new adventure features Peanut and Rooster, the brain power behind the Old Goats Hiking Team. This video captures the spirit of the 14er event, the premier mountaintop radio event.

For more goat hiking videos, see http://n0b-14er.blogspot.com/

73, Bob K0NR