0511-0701-3118-0930Been spending time on airplanes again. I think my business card should show my office as Seat 8C (always go for the aisle seat).

Here’s a few things flying at me on the web. K3NG reports that the new FCC Chairman has a reputation for being data driven, you know, like using facts and everything. I can go for that. Here’s the ARRL story on the FCC Chairman (Julius Genachowski).

In case you missed it (I did), Woz has been on Dancing with the Stars.  Woz is a cool guy, but who cares?

Fark.com had an interesting photoshop sequence that started with a guy adjusting some sort of antenna. Lots of creativity by the photoshopping readers. The poor guy is probably trying to figure out how to receive digital television.

From the Things That Really Matter Department, a big friggin’ asteroid just missed hitting the earth. OK, it missed us by 49,000 miles but in cosmic terms that is half a freckle.

I just noticed this article on the ARRL web site about Laura Smith, the FCC Special Counsel for amateur radio enforcement. She says will probably get her amateur radio license someday but thinks she needs to learn Morse Code first (read the story to understand why).

Closer to home, I have been tuning up my packet radio gear which has been sitting on APRS for the past year or so. It seems the local RACES folks want to use Winlink for emergency comms but I am not sure my TNC is up to the task.

—   73, Bob K0NR