I’ve been on airplanes again, so trying to catch up. Here’s some things that have spewed out of the internet onto my computer.

Netbooks are the hot item in the computer world (see my previous posting). There is a recession on, you know, so people want to spend less money. It turns out that Psion has trademarked™ the word NetBook™, even though they don’t actually produce a netbook™.

It turns out that the US Congress, in its infinite wisdom, has decided to delay the DTV Transition….sort of. President Obama signed into law the DTV Delay Act. This law moves the mandatory changover from analog TV to Digital TV (DTV) from Feb 17th to June 12th. Except this is optional, so one third of the television broadcast stations are expected to change on Feb 17th. So if you and Grandma are confused, you are not alone. The FCC published a list of stations that are planning to change over on Feb 17th. See my previous post for more drivel.

PC Mag published their list of The Best Free Software. This is worth checking out.

Russia decided to exit the space tourist business. I have to admit that I have enjoyed having a few space tourists with amateur radio licenses operating from the ISS. On the other hand, when did the International Space Station become a tourist destination?

Laura L. Smith was named as the Riley replacement. It is good to see the position filled. There is some concern because she is not a licensed radio amateur. OK, let’s give her a chance and see what she can do. Of course, I did have to comment on the surplus of lawyers in the FCC.

Here in Colorado, the legislature is working on a bill to deal with Driving While Cellphoning. Concerned that this could impact amateur radio mobile operating, our ARRL Section Manager Jeff Ryan, K0RM, and Public Information Coordinator Robert Wareham, N0ESQ, took action to get the bill modified to accommodate amateur radio operation. Thanks, Jeff and Robert, for taking this on.

73, Bob K0NR