I had previously reported the existence of a web site that provides a Google map of ham radio licensees. Since then, I have heard complaints that the database being used was a tad bit out of date and expired callsigns were showing up on the map.

I just noticed that the VanityHQ.com web site also has a ham mapping feature….and it seems to work quite well. Just go to the VanityHQ.com site and click on “N4MC’s Ham Locator”, which is on the left side of the page.

The main purpose of VanityHQ is to help hams navigate their way to getting a Vanity Callsign. That is, you get to choose the call letters, assuming they are legitimate but unassigned. This is not a trivial task and N4MC has done a great service to the ham community via VanityHQ. There are a number of other useful tools on the web site (including the mapping tool), so go check it out.

73, Bob K0NR