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Welcome to the web site of Bob Witte KØNR. This is a collection of HTML drivel concerning amateur radio, Colorado mountains, radio communications, books, technical information and anything else that seems interesting to me. You might say "It seemed like a good idea at the time." Comments welcome.  

KØNR Weblog
For recent ham radio topics, take at look at my ham radio weblog (KØNR Weblog)

HamCon Colorado
I am doing two technical presentations at 2013 HamCon Colorado.
    Practical Amateur Radio Measurements -  pdf file of presentation
    Mountaintop VHF in the Colorado High Country  - pdf file of presentation

QRP (low power operating) is generally associated with the HF bands. However, running QRP on the VHF bands can be loads of fun, whether it is VHF contesting, 6M DX or general mountaintop operation. See the VHF QRP web page for more information. Lately, I have been using QRP in Summits On The Air (SOTA) activations. See my blog postings on SOTA for more information

Useful Amateur Radio Links
These are my favorite bookmarks for web sites relating to amateur radio, with emphasis on VHF/UHF, APRS, Colorado regional information and space-related sites.

Amateur Radio Articles
I am currently writing the FM VHF column for CQ VHF magazine.  Here's a peek at a recent article on D-STAR in CQ-VHF.  Other articles that I have written are available on the web here.

Colorado 14er Event
Radio hams operate from the summits of Colorado's 14,000 foot mountains during the premier mountain top radio event, the Colorado 14er Event. I am the trustee for the KVØCO club station license (Colorado VHF Group), usually operating from somewhere in the Colorado high country.

Mini-DXpeditions and Portable Operations
It is fun to operate portable from high spots in the US and from other countries around the world. Here's a few of them:

The Bahamas KB0CY/C6A
Honduras (IHS Mission) HR3/KB0CY
VHF Portable operations (various) K0NR
The Bahamas K0NR/C6A
Bonaire PJ4/K0NR

Ham Radio in Space
The Radio Amateur Satellite Corporation (AMSAT) has a great web site with comprehensive information on working the amateur satellites. Astronauts on the The International Space Station (ISS) have been active on 2-meter FM. See the ARISS site for the latest info.
Ham radio interests, awards, QSL information, etc.
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The KØNR UHF Repeater
I operate an open, local coverage repeater in the Monument, Colorado area on 447.725 MHz. See this page for more information.

The status of this site is PERMANENT BETA...someday it might converge but don't count on it.

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